Jim Hoke - The Floating Zone CD
Hochanadel Music 2018

Track list

1 The Floating Zone (feat. Duane Eddy)

2 Zero Gravity (feat. John Oates)

3 Woodstock

4 If You Change Your Mind (feat. Terry Adams)

5 Hooray

6 St. Paul

7 I'm In The Doldrums

8 Timelessly

9 In Just A Minute

10 If Things Don’t Ever Work Out (feat. Austin Hoke)

11 Dat Doot

All music and Lyrics by Jim Hoke except 10 (lyrics by Bill DeMain)

Arranged & Produced by Jim Hoke except 10 (arr. & prod. by Austin Hoke & Jim Hoke)

"News of a new Jim Hoke recording project is always good news! I've been a fan since I first heard him playing saxophone with NRBQ...  This new project contains 10 original songs that began, in one shape or another, in Jim's dreams, and it's further proof that he's a man with a vivid imagination and the means to turn it all into varied and captivating sounds. Besides the usual plethora of instruments he plays, it features Jim singing, which is a new and welcome development. And for good measure he's joined on some songs by John Oates, Terry Adams of NRBQ and the beyond-legendary Duane Eddy."

         -Bob Brainen, DJ, WFMU.org and lifelong music obsessive