Turn On, Tune In†catches NRBQ on location in two different settings; a 6-track set performed on Sirius/XMís The Loft, and a 15-song show at WFMUís Monty Hall in Jersey City, NJ. These 21 tracks will be available on CD, Digital, and on a double LP. The CD and LP versions both contain a bonus DVD with the professionally shot Monty Hall performance. And all formats contain notes from longtime WFMU DJ Bob Brainen detailing the songs and players, while offering insight into the material and the band.

Turn On, Tune In (CD +DVD/ OVCD-343) †$22.50

CD / 2-LP track list :

1 Donít Ever Change
2 Florida
3 Yes I Will
4 Dr. Howard, Dr. Fine, Dr. Howard
5 The Wilderness Road
6 Step Aside
7 Beautiful Lover
8 Donít Talk About My Music
9 Canít Wait To Kiss You
10 Natureís Gonna Pay You Back
11 Tragic Magic
12 Redís Piano
13 Queen Talk
14 It Feels Good
15 Thatís Neat, Thatís Nice
16 Donít Worry Baby
17 Red River Rock
18 Keep This Love Goiní
19 The Animal Life
20 Things To You
21 RC Cola and A Moon Pie

DVD* Track List

1 Beautiful Lover
2 Donít Talk About My Music
3 Canít Wait To Kiss You
4 Natureís Gonna Pay You Back
5 Tragic Magic
6 Redís Piano
7 Queen Talk
8 It Feels Good
9 Thatís Neat, Thatís Nice
10 Donít Worry Baby
11 Red River Rock
12 Keep This Love Goiní
13 The Animal Life
14 Things To You
15 RC Cola and A Moon Pie

*DVD is included with CD and with 2-LP, not sold separately.