NRBQ co-founder / original guitar player, Steve's final recordings on LP available at last!
His very personal, intimate dulcimer playing is captured beautifully on vinyl.
It comes with liner notes (insert) that give us the detailed background of each song.
Recorded in 2009 / Limited release of 250 copies

Blue Ice of Winsted (arQive LP)
side 1
1 Blue Ice of Winsted
2 Waitin' on the Avalon
3 Journey of the Magi
4 Melungeon Son Dance

side 2
1 Angelic Waltz
2 Gathering of the Eagles
3 wanDer of the Orient
4 Ode to McGuinn

Steve Ferguson - Dulcimers, Vocal (track 2)
Larry Colburn - Bass, Rain Stick, Lap Harp

recorded by Mark Smalley, Larry Colburn
mixed by Howie Gano, Norm DeMoura
mastered by Alan Stockwell
front cover photo by Douglas Potoksky