P.J. O'Connell Join the Crowd

P.J. O’Connell
Join the Crowd
(Clang! CL-509LP, 2011)

1. Blindsided
2. All Over
3. Shall We
4. Byrds
5. Inconsiderate
6. Join The Crowd
7. Good Cover
8. Mesmerize
9. Gettin’ Gone
10. Birthday
All songs by P. J. O’Connell

Produced by The Dimmer Twins

P. J. O’Connell: acoustic guitar, vocals
Terry Adams: piano, organ, percussion
Tom Ardolino: drums, percussion, The Bolo Sound
Joey Interlande: electric guitar, baritone guitar, vocal harmonies
Mike Gent: electric guitar
Marc Hickox: bass guitar
John Mayock: electric guitar (4-6)
Tim Mayock: bass guitar (4-6)
Rikki Bates: drums (8, 11)
Dinty Child: mandocello, accordion
Chandler Travis: bass guitar, vocal harmonies (8, 11)
Ducky Carlisle: percussion, guitar, vocal harmonies
Stan Martin: electric guitar (11)
John Burke: vibes
Pete Toigo: acoustic bass
Billy Shaw: high string guitar, sounds